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It’s also an art, when we understand your strategy we will curate and manage powerful content to achieve your goals. Our job is to maximize reach, amplify your message and engage your customers.

We curate art that could blend with fashion, jewelry, design and other luxury brands and services creating a Phlanartoholic Boomerang #PhAB effect by supporting the artists while promoting you to a  target audience of artoholics.

Our main mission is to promote and support artists, share your ideas we are a professional passionate team who knows how to listen and offer an educated advice.



Even with all the Twitter business promote tools, which uses keywords, interests, followers, location, and other it’s still challenging to target artoholics bull’s eye.

That’s exactly what we can provide, pinpointed reach to artists, art lovers, collectors and art professionals. General interest categories extend your target audience makes targeting less specific and signal to the algorithm less sharp, the secret to our success is personal engagement.

We do not sell Followers nor guarantee it but we will take credit on people following you and RT’ing #ArTwts to our audience if this is the demographic you are targeting.



The quality and integrity of our content is what is making us popular providing what our connoisseurs twitteroholics are always hungry for, which is quality informative and entertaining #ArTwts to generously share with likeminded Followers.

We are committed and dedicated to serve this community and deliver a personal attentive service.

We can best serve artists, galleries and brands with content that could benefit from our loyal audience.

Monitor your campaign’s performance and effectiveness of each #ArTwt in real time on neutral third party analytics sites.

PhAB engagement

The second quarter this year analytics stats campaigning primarily on Twitter achieving record engagement and conversion results both on the site and the social media platforms.


Sharing is what Twitter is about, we do that with passion and great record success



North America 40%
UK 30%

20+ mil

Thanks to this loyal consistent engagement our potential reach is phonemail



Females 50%
Males 50%


Highly engaging content achieving an impressive high return visitors

source:  Google Analytics


Conversion 70%
Sign Up 90%

how it works

This is not an automated robot service, we engage directly in every campaign, each Tweet matters, we need to make sure you get the highest level of engagement.




Apply to determine if our reach is your target audience and if your content is of interest to our Followers.

We can be an asset to your marketing campaign if you wish to promote your art gallery or vernissages and other events. We are currently targeting luxury indulgences including fashion, travel, interior design, watches, cars and others who can benefit from our target reach.



Share with us your strategy and what would you like to achieve. We will discuss the content and go out to execute while you get a life taking care of your business. We can also bring you the iMagz live engagement on your site.

Monitor your campaign in real time to view the engagement impact your #ArTwts are making. Our experienced and dedicated team will work with you throughout your campaign, helping you put the pieces together.




Set your campaign budget starting from $350 per month, we base our prices per Tweet on Twitter Business Promote marketplace that rates it according to number of Followers rather than engagement level which means you get much bigger target reach and better value for money.

flexible options

Our engagement packages come with an inspiring, improvised artmagz similar to what we have here to embed on your site. You may keep if you wish even when your campaign is over engaging your visitors and supporting artists.



Min 100 ArTwts per month
1-time Marketing Consultation
Embed an ArtiMagz on your site
Weekly Analytics Report
Hashtag Integration


Min 1000 ArTwts per Month
Marketing Consultation
Customised Branded ArtiMagz
Curate and Manage Content
Removal Moderation
Approval Moderation
Auto Moderation
Real Time Analytics
Hashtag Integration

our canvas

our business strategy canvas blocks, expand the links below to learn more about us, we’re updating it regularly.

customer segment


art galleries

luxury lifestyle brands

events organizers

music producers

health and beauty

food and drinks

cars and bikes

artpreneurs and artoholics



Constant handler-hunting campaigns

Blogs cross marketing

Coordination with other social media platforms

Direct marketing take-the-first-initiative strategy

Maintain RT level engagement

value proposition

Content integrity

Unique Twitter engagement

Compliment on-going campaigns

Validated target reach

Personal campaign marketing support

Patron the arts with the #PhaBE

Long term management and strategy planning

customer relationship

Engaging friendly UI

One on one campaign analysis

Passionate content management

Professional artpreneurial advice


revenue sources

Fixed monthly promotions plans

Content curating management services

Campaign strategy consultancy

key resources

Experienced dedicated team of passionate professional content curators

Massive aggregated content expanding exponentially

Solid scalable platform

Reliable third party platforms and applications

key activites

Content curating

Research and first hand market test

Personal campaign planning

Platform technical support

Platform marketing

Customer support


key partnerships


Art galleries

Marketing agencies


Lifestyle luxury creators and designers

cost structure

Value driven to provide personal quality service

Fixed costs allowing to fund for horizontal growth

Boutique mentality while thinking big when it comes to economies of scope building partnerships


case studies

Samples of blending different content including fashion, cars, travel and other with art

a sample of our famous brands Followers engaging with us to share

chill out and follow us



We’re growing both vertically and organically, our partners are spread around the world as well as our team who perform their passionate jobs from wherever they are in the comfort of their virtual offices in their respective time zones..

If you like what you see and feel you can contribute in any way whether to create new market opportunities or join the cause and our team bringing on artistic, technical, marketing, sales or your social media guru talents, we have the right artpreneurial proposition waiting, please write to us.

We’re also crowdsourcing business partners, if you would like to explore some ideas on working together, do not hesitate to get in touch we look forward to working with likeminded artpreneurs.

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