Slide background Art can be about politics and personal things

or about paint

but once it’s about money, it’s all about money

Picasso, Gauguin, Modigliani and van Gogh

bartered masterpieces to pay for their dinners at their bistros


Boutique crowdfunding platform dedicated to support visual artists around the world to fulfil their dreams.

pre-campaign to crowdsource ideas and build fans to back you while auctioning your work. 



Share your dream and connect with dreamcatchers to create a cause and crowdsource followers to support your fund raising campaign. Exchange thoughts and engage in discussions, this is a great opportunity to learn what people think and feel about your vision to get the help you need.

thearpreneurs is the only platform that offers this pre-campaign crowdsourcing service, it’s free and essential to create a momentum and fans before going live.

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get popular

Auction works to build popularity and  generate sales. Auctions are available only to  crowdsourcers and artist campaigners offering original signed and certified work by them.

Collectors and supporters can bid to help you achieve a market benchmark or take the ‘Buy Now’ option. 



When you’re all set, you got the momentum going from the crowdsourcing pre-campaign and made some sales on your auctions, it’s time to craft the campaign and go fund raising from an enthusiast crowd waiting to hear your story and share your dream.

You’ll get what you’re after if you’re sincere and engaging with your supporters updating them when reaching your milestones.

It’s all about a chain of taking and giving back, this can be infinite.

Now you are entitled to be called an artpreneur.

What does it take?


catch a dream

like! follow! Share!

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