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Imagine thousands of bikes and bicycles in Amsterdam and Beijing turned into moving galleries exhibiting artists’ creations

Imagine enjoying watching art in the traffic jams on cars and cabs in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Rio, Sydney, Dubai and everywhere else making the journey more cultural and enjoyable. Buses, trains, trucks are all a target, anything on wheels including wheelchairs and your private planes.


ArtaRide is our global artpreneurial initiative, the concept is to create art galleries on vehicles showcasing different artists’ creations on anything with wheels including cars, buses, trucks, bikes, bicycles even wheelchairs or a plane to turn it into a mobile art exhibit that showcases the creator’s work and bring a global message of peace in colors and creativity. 


Nothing new from that perspective, artists were commissioned to create beautiful works all over on these objects, the only difference is this is an initiative by the artist funded and supported by the crowd to deliver the message. 

The dream is to see this initiative picked up by lots of people around the world turning cities into moving galleries with a message of peace without boarders.


Any visual artist can participate, you can take advantage of theartpreneurs platform to crowdsource a tribe with different talents and expertise for your own project. The artist’s first task is to find the vehicle to create the work, this can be a private or a public transport.

Once you work out the cost including space rental if it applies, material and the creative part, we’ll help you in presenting a crowdfunding campaign and give you a hand in getting it in front of the right supportive crowd. 


For starters your work will be on a permanent exhibition wheeling around to share with the greatest number of people. It’s also a community project that beautifies the city and affords opportunities to a lot of talents.

The artist will be able to auction works during the campaign to make sales building more popularity and eventually a market benchmark on their art value.


We’re happy to promote these projects anywhere on our main platform to our users worldwide. We’re also looking to partner with like-minded dream curators who would like to take the platform in their respective region and customize in your own language.

A local platform will attract local sponsorships much easier both from local businesses as well as the crowd who can eventually enjoy seeing these creations on their own roads or skies justifying the investment.

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can a song tell it all?

This is what’s it all about, we mushed it up and Karla performed it like a diva, Drew took care of the music mix, if you like to make the video get in touch.

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