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5 Reasons why Art is content worth sharing

We believe that art is the single greatest communication device ever invented. Here are five reasons why we create ArtiMagz campaigns.

 Art is Meaningful

Art is Trojan horse of marketing, it’s emotions and creativity with humor sometimes to get through the door, bringing a tremendous amount of meaning with it.

Content is Vogue

Sharing means more than a “Favorite” star. It starts with having content that is worth sharing. It brings value to the person sharing and the person receiving. Art is one of the most widely shared forms of media. Art sparks conversations.

Narsism is Boring

The majority of marketing communications are to boast about the product’s features and benefits broadcasted from the brand’s point of view. Content is not about the single-minded proposition. Insightful and inspirational content is what matters to the follower. Art can tap what matters like no other form of content.

Engagement Trumps Virality

Content marketing is not a one-hit wonder viral video, the goal should be an ongoing captivating content, which grows an audience over time and creates expectation from followers. Art is the classic serial medium and there’s always an art lover for all types of art. Artoholics look forward to the next installment.

Brands are Patrons and Publishers

Art can ignite a brand’s content marketing plan engaging their visitors on their own sites to bring them back for more, building quality loyal followers and fans while patroning the arts.


The puzzle is finally solved

We dedicated our mission to support artists. We tried out ideas to help crowdfund projects, even came up with one to art rides but we realized that was not the sort of support they’re looking for, it did however allow us the opportunity to engage with thousands of artists and artoholics during the campaign who all loved the initiative and supported it spreading the word and sharing with passion.

The puzzle pieces came together when we looked at the sharing engagement and this time recognized the important role we can play spreading art everywhere we can while promoting them to a highly targeted audience building new fans and potential sales.

We demonstrate on the site the harmony of blending promotions of brands and services with art, creating a boomerang effect to patron the arts and get the message across to the right eyeballs.

We’re very excited with this development where we will finally achieve our goal with a persistent artpreneurial spirit to do the philanartoholic thing.

We are currently targeting luxury indulgencies from art galleries to fashion, travel, interior design, watches, cars and others who can benefit from our target reach.

Please give us your feedback and let us know how can we be an asset complimenting your marketing strategy.


The Picasso Framework

Picasso's Dove would have made a great boomerang design.

Here’s how we designed the framework of our boomerang.


We offer you:








The outcome:

Target reach

New fan base

Loyal following

Position in the right cadre

Share your art with millions


We get to:

Support artists

Do the right thing

Sustain the path to our dream


Everyone gets the PhABE