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5 reasons why it’s a bad idea to automate “engagement” on Twitter

We would rather call it Narsist spam even when targeted, it defies the real purpose of the medium which is based on sharing they call it RT.
Automated thanks with a blackmail notice to unfollow is hypocrite, appreciation can be demonstrated by reciprocating.
Robots don’t sound great when begging to be liked on Facebook, it’s more like it don’t matter where the endorsement and recognition come from.
Repetition is boring you will not brainwash anyone, if that’s all you have to show there’s no point to automate.
Robots operate based on algorithms, they cannot curate or create.

The puzzle is finally solved

We dedicated our mission to support artists. We tried out ideas to help crowdfund projects, even came up with one to art rides but we realized that was not the sort of support they’re looking for, it did however allow us the opportunity to engage with thousands of artists and artoholics during the campaign who all loved the initiative and supported it spreading the word and sharing with passion.

The puzzle pieces came together when we looked at the sharing engagement and this time recognized the important role we can play spreading art everywhere we can while promoting them to a highly targeted audience building new fans and potential sales.

We demonstrate on the site the harmony of blending promotions of brands and services with art, creating a boomerang effect to patron the arts and get the message across to the right eyeballs.

We’re very excited with this development where we will finally achieve our goal with a persistent artpreneurial spirit to do the philanartoholic thing.

We are currently targeting luxury indulgencies from art galleries to fashion, travel, interior design, watches, cars and others who can benefit from our target reach.

Please give us your feedback and let us know how can we be an asset complimenting your marketing strategy.


#ArTwts R #PhAB

We are going to be our first customers, this could also help demonstrate how #ArTwts can create the PhilanArtoholic Boomerang Effect.

We set a budget to sponsor Ninety #PhABE packages a total 2250 #ArTwts a month spread over 90 #ArTwters or artists we can take on to promote in this campaign.Continue Reading